I/we request access to JAKEM Farm, in full knowledge that we
accept all responsibility for our own actions, personal safety, and personal

I/we hereby indemnify JAKEM Farm of all liabilities and costs associated with
our access to, and activities at JAKEM Farm at all times.

I/we accept total responsibility for my own personal safety, and for any vehicle
or any personal property damage. I/we accept that it’s my/our responsibility to
ensure appropriate insurance for my/our personal health and property is
adequate and valid for the period of time whilst at JAKEM Farm.

Whilst all efforts have been made to offer indications for the safe travel of
vehicles throughout JAKEM Farm, the decision to follow set tracks or indications
is my/our own and I/we will make the judgement as to my/our own safety
when traversing the Farm, accepting the responsibility for doing so should
personal or property injury be incurred during such activity. If I/we am unsure
or uncomfortable about certain areas, track conditions, or any areas within the
farm I/we will consider all other options before proceeding to operate the
vehicle or move anywhere in any way.

I/we am also solely responsible for my passengers in or outside my vehicle at all
times whilst at JAKEM Farm.


I/we agree that the JAKEM Farm can ask me/us to leave at any time.


JAKEM Farm is not responsible for my actions or decisions, and neither are they
responsible for any unforeseen events such as poor weather, poor tracks or
flooding etc.


Rules you have agreed to:


1. Dogs are allowed under JAKEM Farm’s discretion. 
     Any livestock hurt or killed by dogs, the dog owner will pay.

2. Please be aware of livestock; stop when necessary to prevent scaring animals.

3. Take all litter home with you.

4. Travel at a quiet unobtrusive pace, taking due care.
     Speed should be limited to 20kph or slower as required.

5. Ensure your vehicle is in a safe and operable condition. Road registered
     vehicles must be in a roadworthy condition, insured, and comply with all
     ADR’s, etc.

6. Avoid damaging the track or land un-necessarily. Do not modify the track.

    **All vehicles must have low-range 4WD to drive the tracks.**

7. Fires are allowed in dedicated areas only with JAKEM Farm’s permission.

8. Ensure you have a well maintained first aid kit, recovery equipment &vehicle.

9. Act in a respectful manner to other people on JAKEM Farm at all times.

10. Remember driving vehicles on this property all road rules still apply.
      (E.g. Seat belts must be worn, no driving under the influence of alcohol, etc.)

11. No driving the tracks after dark.

12. Do not at any time throw cigarette butts on the ground or out of windows.

13. Please leave toilet in a clean and in a usable condition.