Do you allow SUV's or AWD's?

We do not allow AWD's or SUV's on the tracks due to the high risk of incident.  Low-range gives you a lower gear ratio so you are travelling at a lower speed.  This give you more control while travelling down hills, over rocks, etc.  Otherwise, you will be over using your brakes to a point of failure, travelling too fast and potentially damaging tracks and tyres, etc.  Most 4WD Parks are low-range only.

Can we drive motorbiles ?

We cannot allow motorbike on the tracks as we are not insured for this activity. 

Are you open during the week?

The tracks are open only on the weekends and most public holidays from 9AM to 5PM.

Do you have card facilities?

We accept Cards and Cash.

Do you hire 4WDs?

No, you will need to bring your own 4WD.